Juni 12, 2017


Dr. Tracy Brower, PhD, MM, MCR | Global Vice President of WORKPLACE VITALITY™ | MARS DRINKS

Creating a great experience for people at work is a high priority for many these days – workplace experts, designers, and people leaders. A positive work experience can make the difference in attracting, retaining, and engaging talent.

In our research on Workplace Vitality, we met with a number of leading designers in order to understand key trends and best practices for creating experiences. From the allure of the urban vibe and wellness to the merging of work and home, we find that key trends are driving not only design, but also the definition of a great experience at work. Coffee and workplace drinks are key parts of a positive experience because they bring people together, they provide for refreshment, and they help people to focus. Based on insights from our research with designers, we’ve developed 5 space archetypes for the beverage experience as well as best practices for a holistic, positive experience of place.

Overall, the power of place remains significant and success is found in designing memorable experiences for people at work. Coffee is an important part of this positive experience at work – which is no small thing since work is such an important part of our lives.

Read more in our white paper for the full description of our findings.